These albums I can’t listen to anymore…

There are nights, nights that feel empty… Just memories, like vultures reluctant to leave a cadaver. This feeling crawling up the spine of my soul, every now and then, digging itself out of that hole,  the hole where I buried it. The pain surfaces once again, you are someone else, what have u become? U had to be cold to do it all… And now I’m numb to the bone. The music is not playing anymore, I don’t recognize these sounds… I dig deep down to try and feel, try and find that beast you unleashed on me and slay it, leave it dead like you left me bleeding on love’s pavement. I need to feel alive again,  I need to feel again. I ll never be the same, Sundays neither. On the inside, I feel like I’m losing my grip. No one knows what I feel, no one has the words to help out. When does it go away? When am I going to feel peace inside? I wish u could see what u made me today, I’d like to know if ur wildest dreams are worth the pain I live with today. And even then, would u tell me honestly? I was sacrificed, what was the price?

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