I can’t explain
Every sound and word is a reminder
Every smell and sight is a kitchen knife
Protect my soul, don’t let it go sour
I ve been stabbed, deprived of life
Never felt like I had so much to say
Never knew words wouldn’t find their way
Lost all sense of direction
No logic in my actions
I couldn’t find my reason to save my soul
I’m empty. My words don’t resonate at all
And with them drawing my fall
I’m left with nothing to hold
The emptiness is to be accepted, I’m told
trapped in this moment against my will
As if I could flip a switch on how I feel
Let go of everything I feel is real
What’s the point of driving my mind ill
This came as a sentence with no appeal
These thoughts, my dear, they kill
I was robbed of everything
I’m tired, I’m on my knees,  bleeding
Every wound of my being screaming
A world of pain or a bottle in the sea
At some point u ll have to acknowledge me
no different than I was that winter night
When you had no desire to put up a fight
Now it’s long gone and I ll never feel right
Deep in my heart, ur only out of my sight

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