The Great Standing…

Timing was perfectly set, the daily codes were about to change. The operation was generated on the main computer and was a task that was solely handled by him. All he had to do would be to send the first set of codes generated to the council room before generating a second set without them noticing it. That was the easy part of the plan. The problem was to create a reason or a security breach threatening enough to make the members lock themselves up in the room.

He definitely would need some help for that part.

Forget that, gun in the palm, sweat dripping down the neck, one jump to set his person in combat. May the Lord have him; this was survival, a new beginning, perfect ending. When a man can’t take it no more, rage exploding, ears whistling, heart pumping, he hadn’t touched this drug in a while. Targets at the door jumping back, TUF TUF, bullets out the silencer, he ducks them, lets the .38 roar, sparks all over the room. Spin move, slow mo’, PAUSE: corner of his left eye, the bastard survived, draws out a 9… BOOM BOOM, shot gun blast from the second gorilla, right through Mark’s still flying jacket, close, retaliation shots, head and neck, Chopin will be playing for him RIP…

His mind quickly came back to reality, would be an heroic moment but even if took the guards down and made it to the room he had slim chances, and it would probably wouldn’t end it all.

Hollywood ending, mediocre results.

He needed something big. And it came to him, like the providential rain 3 weeks into a harsh summer.

Nothing would have to actually happen. No lives besides the ones of his targets would have to be in danger.

For a decade now the Council had started a stealth disarmament campaign. Replace chemical and atomic components from nuclear weapons belonging to a few countries that were judged instable because of the soon to be volatile world political situation.

He looked through the list of official spies alive on the planet, no matter where laid their loyalty. He was looking for the most reliable element.

He soon found the tools he needed. Truth Jeagal was the most decorated North Korea intelligence officer still on the field. She was totally devoted to her government. Miguel Baron was an ex drug lord reconverted in the sale of various information to the best buyer. He too was known to always be dead on and therefore his business was booming.

As fast and calmly as he was able to, Mark compiled the last 20 years of the Council’s manipulation and the exact co-ordinates of the very building he was in into an electronic file before sending it to Miss Jeagal and Mister Baron. No ip address, no name, no demands. Just a signature: F.H, K.R & I.K

He figured Truth would forward the file to her government. Once they would discover who is running the world it wouldn’t take long until they blamed all their problems on his employers. Their wrath would most surely encourage the use of the red button, in that sense the Council was right, there were few out of control rulers throughout the world. That would be his advantage.

Miguel on his side would study the file and select the biggest scandals to narrow the most interested buyers. The more they were cheated by the Council the more the rulers involved would pay.

Soon enough Cuba, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq to only name those few, would turn against their puppeteers.

Once they would open fire and target the Council location with what they believe are atomic bombs, the alerts from intelligence would come first and only through Marks computer. All he had to do would be to alter the names of the country causing the threats. The U.S, France and England had real and efficient weapons. Those names would strike enough fear in the Council to put the building on lockdown.

That would give him few minutes to forward to them an info, intelligence discovery of the message sent, signed by the infamous initials.

A malicious grin was working his tense face when the first alert came through. North Korea was following the plan as expected. “Or France must I say”.

He felt good, light hearted, he was Moses and John McClain put together, leader and savior.

The first siren ripped through the hallways. The protocol was in the book, and still panic took over the entire organization. The “oldies” themselves couldn’t believe it. What was happening and why?

The head of security was quick to stick to the book and launch the security protocol. Each Council’s members was taken to the safe room, the doors locked behind them before few layers of walls made of different materials started surrounding the room.

He noticed something wrong. The council was “safe” in its room but the rest of the organization workers were locked inside the building. There was no escape. That must have been a little twist from the “direction”. It was expected, they were in all situations protecting themselves, their secrets.

It hit him hard. His mission was kamikaze. This was it. He would have to die to save the world and his loved ones.

No turning back, it had to be done. It was right in his reach, dying a hero was a satisfying idea, Pride and Unconditional Love for his peers and the human race took over.

By the time Iraq had launched its missile the organization’s intelligence sent its first report and attached was the file he had gladly sent earlier.

He picked up his phone for the security debrief. The voices inside the bunker were tense and confused. What could have gone wrong?

Mark felt his moment rising.

“Sir we have received a report that doesn’t provide the source of the situation but the instigating element was recovered. I am transferring the files to your tablets.”

Once the sent button was clicked, he poured himself some coffee and went back to listening to the council. He would distinctively hear Forry Himla, Kim Ruth & Ingar Kjaaergard protest and swear with anger… three of your very own Council members. A rumble and horrified screams soon occurred followed by gun pops and deflagration.

It was still very much a gunfight in there when an insane blast rocked the building. Mark saw a flank of the wall being propelled towards him, he waited for the impact for what seems to be ages but soon the warm wave hit him…

ARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH He felt like he was jumping out of his body. His head was pounding as if hell had relocated in his cranium. His neck felt stiff and his arms and legs non responsive.

“Laur… Save… I love you…”

“Mark stay with me please”

She seemed so real but everything was fire around him.


“Sir you have done well, keep on hanging on. You will soon be taken care of. You are on a helicopter to Nairobi’s American Hospital. They will for sure know what the matter is. I will to try to keep u stable during the transfer.”


The flames faded to black, the bips from the machines became continue, Laur vanished… Life vanished…

Mark Walters passed away from what was thought to be an extremely aggressive form of meningitis he contracted while on a safari in Kenya, diagnosis made mostly due to the hallucinations he was experiencing during the last hours of his life. It was unclear how he contracted it although he had been vaccinated. Sources were unclear on the subject of those hallucinations; Mrs. Walters was forced to remain silent on her husband’s “gibberish” by the insurance company that paid her Mark’s life insurance. Some 15 years down the line the world would learn he was the notorious virus “Beliator” first ever victim, a virus that decimated earth population, mostly the poor.

He didn’t live on to see Zoe’s wedding and was six feet under when Harold and his wife had their first child. He never saw his family grow richer than they already were, he was spared the great riots and the New World Order…






“We are told our imagination product is abstract but since based on real elements is it farfetched to somehow believe our imagination could draw scenes very much closer to our immediate future than we are allowed to believe?”

Reflection Eternal

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He had to think fast. Come up with the right plan to put a halt to this and get rid of the council members once for all. He would have to kill them…

This was, of course, easier said than done. He couldn’t just walk in the conference room and shoot his way through. Security was heavy and heavily armed, composed by the finest sharp shooters from around the world.

He had to use his brain on this one. He wished he didn’t have to carry this action out alone. This was a huge handicap for the task at hand.

Pushing his chair backwards he reached down for the bottom drawer. He wanted to study the very structure they were in to find a weak security spot, a secondary entrance to the conference room, an emergency exit, anything…

He went over each and every detail for what seems hours to him. Every time his phone rang he would jump and freeze as if he was caught doing something illegal and each time he answered he calmly handled the situation that was presented to him. He was aware that his voice tone and stress levels were analyzed by the listening office, standard procedure of course. As soon as he was “alone” Mark did his best to dissect the building blueprints, making very detailed notes.

Unfortunately he couldn’t see another way to get in besides the front door. These old men seemed paranoid to the point that they had thought of every single security details and were at ALL TIMES safer than a baby in his mother’s womb.

They had covered every possible scenario.

Mark was boiling from the inside. For the first time ever in his life experience every aspect of the problem was clear. He had fully understood what was at risk. He knew who was behind it and since he was the only one to know he felt he was the one that had to act. He evaluated what the possible outcomes could be and the risks that came with it. This right here was his window. The time window, in which his decision making and courage would be bigger than himself, bigger than any event men, had ever known.

This moment of clarity provided enough perspective for him to get a helicopter view of the situation. Soon a daring feeling of satisfaction and motivation took over him. He had to think outside the box, literally…

If it was almost impossible for him to get inside, he had to find a way to trap them inside and hopefully contain and destroy them from the inside.

Mark grabbed the security procedure book, decided to find the best way to achieve his goal.

He soon came through the procedure concerning bacterial, chemical and atomic weapons attack.

In case such events were to threaten the safety of the council members, they would be moved by security two floors below ground and protected in the main bunker. Like the conference room there was one way in to this bunker. Once inside the door could only be opened on two instances:

1-      If 3 of the council members were to enter the security codes to that effect

2-      If the “file handler”, as the men that preceded Mark and himself were called, deactivated the lockdown via the secondary base in Ecuador. That course of actions had to be requested by at least 3 members.

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The Machination…

If he was to take action, it had to be stealth and fast. It was clear that a man alone wouldn’t find any success in this campaign.

An obvious issue was at the center of the problem. Who could he trust? Who in their right mind would want to go against the World’s owners? Life was the price no matter the outcome. That was a lot to ask from a man.

“Someone has to act!”

It was unconceivable as a human being not to naturally go against this machination but in today’s world, fear was way more common than courage and most souls would rather live a miserable life than die…

It didn’t matter anyway he was sure that from his hiring the Council had secured his connections, if they hadn’t why would they fear anything? No one would ever believe the whole thing in the first place let alone act and put their lives on the line.

He took once more the file in his hands and went through it. He was amazed by the simplicity of the plan. Specific but simple.

For years now the Council had financed researches to come up with a very lethal virus, impossible to identify or trace. Many unsuccessful tries marred the Last decades. Those failures are known as Ebola, H1N1 and such.

Once the virus would be ready, the next step would be to introduce it to the general public through a very precise list of manufactured medications for common diseases. Those tempered pills would be sent throughout the world to the poorest cities and neighborhoods of the planet. This was in fact the last step of the actual Council plan. The rest would unfold before their eyes. Facing this new virus, pharmaceutical companies would keep on coming short to finding a cure. The infected, their families and their communities would soon feel left aside since they would be the only ones infected. Soon protests would rise and riots would take place and eventually civil wars all over the world. A few media outlets would soon blame the “rich” for not assisting the dying “poor”. With the already boiling atmosphere that’s all it would take to create a planet ruled by mayhem and brutality. This combined with the victims of the virus would drastically decrease the world’s population, mostly the “poor class”. The world would start over new, one class left with all the space they never had and new opportunities.

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Now he had to act. This was not a managing cell; this was a business office where everything was allowed or maybe a simple board game to the members of the council. Few humans playing the fate of the world, the losses didn’t matter to them. The bigger picture was the point.

He could not let it happen. This master plan had to be crushed. Fast.

“I can’t believe this all depends on me now” he whispered… How could other beings, made like him, raised on the same planet, so easily make everything so expandable?

What would it be like down there amongst the people if, just like the biblical plagues, threats from all sides and nature were to rock the planet?

How could human life mean nothing to the Council? They were humans themselves… or were they?

Now that he thought of it he only had heard their voices over the phone but had never seen them in the flesh. The member he interacted with the most was going by Zor.

In his imagination Mark had represented Zor in so many ways over the years but the form that stick was not far from Merlin the enchanter. Old, wise, quiet. Most of the time Zor’s interventions were on point and full of teachings but Mark had seen another side to the man, the ability to sacrifice whatever it was to get to his point.

The situation around the world was hard enough already. Shortages had been common occurrence, queues for virtually everything from milk to gas, compassion and solidarity were values of the past.

The politicians realized everything they had been doing for years and years could merely change things, they had long stopped trying to explain it. The poor men were either too egotistical or too stupid to figure out someone else had been in charge from day 1 so the “game” became increasingly hard, later overwhelming.

In order to begin regulating the world’s population, the Council had taken a number of decisions such as injecting less amount of money into the world banking system, staging nuclear plants “accidents”, fueling religious tensions by financing terrorist groups from all confessions, rigging the results of few elections around the world helping far right parties raise through the ballots. The goal was to create a hostile environment, aggravated by a tense economic reality. There was no longer a class based society. 2 groups populated the planet now, the rich and the poor. There was no good or bad, just success and failure. Every single thing had a price in the streets and in the huge offices. Kidneys, murder, life insurance, water, everything has a price. The Council had earth in a stranglehold.

“Now THIS!!!”

How could the wise men of this organization do so much harm? As if all sense of humanity had left their soul? What was motivating such animosity? What about the families of these men?  Friends? Clearly they couldn’t be the social type, a life filled with such secrets had to be guarded and protected. He had only had been here half of his life and the weight of all the files he had encountered were heavy on his shoulders. So heavy that today he was considering altering “the plan”.

This would make him a marked man and from what he knew about the Council they would have no problem finding and terminating him for the treason. Helping the world had a price as well, life.



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This time would be no different, right?

“It is this time” he whispered to himself in a deep breath.

His glasses were sliding down his slightly crooked nose; stress had always made him sweat, even when to the best of his abilities he managed to stay in control. This time he was terrified. What he had in hand was on another level of viciousness.  The strategy the reports had suggested would be the end of humanity has we know it.

The situation between the humans and their governments became unbearable. Riots, organized attacks, repressions and insecurity lead to strong tensions, the former not feeling protected by the later. The whole thing was a chess game between old friends, only the pieces involved had no idea. To them, other reasons were fabricated.

The “Council” mastered the butterfly effect. To actually obtain what they desired and run humanity as they wished, the “modus operandi” was to design a master plan that would touch all aspects of the society in order to keep them on the edge.

 A few years back, he had seen the beginning of it all. The council had decided that the planet was reaching its population limits. This situation was alarming. Economically the system was failing and on a human point of view, the fall of the economy fueled greed, selfishness and lack of compassion.

The climate. That was the first step. Set up the most explosive atmosphere to maximize the chances of explosions.

Mark would have liked to know the process from the get-go. If he had known what was in store he would have acted right away.

But even his high profile and security clearance left him spectator, just like the billions living everyday outside the bunker his office was in. He looked back at the time he still had beliefs in governments and the right order of things in the natural universe.

There were no longer any such things… Just controlled factors. Tools for what they called the “greater Good”.

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Against ALL odds

Sitting at his desk, the gray haired man was facing a thick file. These were the moments he remembered how doubtful he had first been when it came to taking THE job… He could have retired or moved somewhere in the country and occupy a simple clerk position. Instead he chose to serve his country. 10 years occupying this highly stressful position; working tiring hours. He had lost the support of his family little by little. Try explaining to your wife and kids that you could never share the details of a job that keep you away from home for so long. Laur had been supportive at first, trusting her husband, before the loneliness took over. Curiosity then followed and all these questions left with no answers soon became the main ground of the couple’s demise. She had been kind enough to understand his predicament but was naturally unwilling to be involved any longer in a situation that presented no positive aspects for her. They had married young. The “kids”, Harold and Zoe, soon came into their lives. Now that they were both out to college, the housewife had been looking forward to live happy days with her husband. Instead she shopped to forget her loneliness and she was running out of objects to buy. See, money wasn’t an issue since her husband job came with endless resources. But what can money actually buy besides things that don’t share emotions life has to offer and the wrinkles time had in store for her? She wanted to live and see everything she could have the chance to encounter. Mark knew that. He knew it too well; warnings and ultimatums had been fired. The choice had been made for some time now. Because of all the love he had for her and his children, he decided to let her go. Not because he didn’t feel capable of offering everything she needed out of him, but because his job was the only way for him to protect his loved ones.

This file wide open in front of his eyes for example. Highly classified and secret had been stamped on it, as if some men had the right to know some things and the others no. The whole system felt itchy to him. He wasn’t a man that adopted these ideas, far from it. In fact he had told himself that getting close to what he felt was wrong was the only way to change it. He had to destroy the monster from the inside.

The concept that a handful of people could influence each and every life on the planet was not an option in his views of the world. So he got inside the machine, an army of one… And what an army! Mark had never been on the field of any operations, barely passed the physical segments of his entry test and to top all that, it wasn’t like he could see very far through his thick glasses. He was more a Clark Kent than Superman…

He had the power for the task he set himself for though. For a while he had been studying and transferring each file that had come through his desk. The “war” files, the “elections” files and all those concerning mass murders, “natural” disasters, uprisings and outbursts of fatal diseases…

And every time he had the chance to change the outcomes he had. Illegally, but he had.

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New seven part story to come

Today will be the release of part one of a short story i will be putting online. Each day of the week a new part of the story will be published on the blog. Don’t hesitate to leave feedback, i hope you will enjoy.


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