Drops in the Dark

My lids have fallen down… its black…

In a last effort I try to gain clarity, see the big picture… its dark

I mean… its nothing

But far, there is something…

Something I can’t see, something I can’t quite hear…

But, there is something

It seems far, I feel its presence inside

It won’t give me peace

Like a stone between my heel and my shoe

I just took the road to happiness and my skin is slowly getting worn off

But… wait

It’s like a sound… a drop in a body of water

There’s been a few otherwise it wouldn’t be a body right?

So where is the proof?

All I can distinguish are repetitions, the noise of it, over and over


It’s the echo, amplified… where am I?

I can’t sense the north, nor the west, south or east

Like a broken compass

Maybe let the inside lead

What else do I have to guide me?

What if it’s like in one of those movies, Liam Neeson walking to the heart of the wolf territory?

Rationality, with no invitation stirs the pot

Mixed signals, find out, stay put, think, run for it, stay stealth… what the hell?

I’m stuck in the moment, between two drops

What do I trust, my instinct or my head?

Pandora’s Box for now, jack in the box soon enough

I’m blind, provide me a window

I want to shed some light, see the way through

The phoenix was reborn from his ashes but never anyone provided the gas

The fire is within, for the rebirth or to burn it dead

Everything stands still

Until the next drop

Everything stands still

Until the next noise

Everything stands still

Until I shock’ em with the one two

Everything stands still

Until I believe the drops are true


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