He had to think fast. Come up with the right plan to put a halt to this and get rid of the council members once for all. He would have to kill them…

This was, of course, easier said than done. He couldn’t just walk in the conference room and shoot his way through. Security was heavy and heavily armed, composed by the finest sharp shooters from around the world.

He had to use his brain on this one. He wished he didn’t have to carry this action out alone. This was a huge handicap for the task at hand.

Pushing his chair backwards he reached down for the bottom drawer. He wanted to study the very structure they were in to find a weak security spot, a secondary entrance to the conference room, an emergency exit, anything…

He went over each and every detail for what seems hours to him. Every time his phone rang he would jump and freeze as if he was caught doing something illegal and each time he answered he calmly handled the situation that was presented to him. He was aware that his voice tone and stress levels were analyzed by the listening office, standard procedure of course. As soon as he was “alone” Mark did his best to dissect the building blueprints, making very detailed notes.

Unfortunately he couldn’t see another way to get in besides the front door. These old men seemed paranoid to the point that they had thought of every single security details and were at ALL TIMES safer than a baby in his mother’s womb.

They had covered every possible scenario.

Mark was boiling from the inside. For the first time ever in his life experience every aspect of the problem was clear. He had fully understood what was at risk. He knew who was behind it and since he was the only one to know he felt he was the one that had to act. He evaluated what the possible outcomes could be and the risks that came with it. This right here was his window. The time window, in which his decision making and courage would be bigger than himself, bigger than any event men, had ever known.

This moment of clarity provided enough perspective for him to get a helicopter view of the situation. Soon a daring feeling of satisfaction and motivation took over him. He had to think outside the box, literally…

If it was almost impossible for him to get inside, he had to find a way to trap them inside and hopefully contain and destroy them from the inside.

Mark grabbed the security procedure book, decided to find the best way to achieve his goal.

He soon came through the procedure concerning bacterial, chemical and atomic weapons attack.

In case such events were to threaten the safety of the council members, they would be moved by security two floors below ground and protected in the main bunker. Like the conference room there was one way in to this bunker. Once inside the door could only be opened on two instances:

1-      If 3 of the council members were to enter the security codes to that effect

2-      If the “file handler”, as the men that preceded Mark and himself were called, deactivated the lockdown via the secondary base in Ecuador. That course of actions had to be requested by at least 3 members.

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