The Machination…

If he was to take action, it had to be stealth and fast. It was clear that a man alone wouldn’t find any success in this campaign.

An obvious issue was at the center of the problem. Who could he trust? Who in their right mind would want to go against the World’s owners? Life was the price no matter the outcome. That was a lot to ask from a man.

“Someone has to act!”

It was unconceivable as a human being not to naturally go against this machination but in today’s world, fear was way more common than courage and most souls would rather live a miserable life than die…

It didn’t matter anyway he was sure that from his hiring the Council had secured his connections, if they hadn’t why would they fear anything? No one would ever believe the whole thing in the first place let alone act and put their lives on the line.

He took once more the file in his hands and went through it. He was amazed by the simplicity of the plan. Specific but simple.

For years now the Council had financed researches to come up with a very lethal virus, impossible to identify or trace. Many unsuccessful tries marred the Last decades. Those failures are known as Ebola, H1N1 and such.

Once the virus would be ready, the next step would be to introduce it to the general public through a very precise list of manufactured medications for common diseases. Those tempered pills would be sent throughout the world to the poorest cities and neighborhoods of the planet. This was in fact the last step of the actual Council plan. The rest would unfold before their eyes. Facing this new virus, pharmaceutical companies would keep on coming short to finding a cure. The infected, their families and their communities would soon feel left aside since they would be the only ones infected. Soon protests would rise and riots would take place and eventually civil wars all over the world. A few media outlets would soon blame the “rich” for not assisting the dying “poor”. With the already boiling atmosphere that’s all it would take to create a planet ruled by mayhem and brutality. This combined with the victims of the virus would drastically decrease the world’s population, mostly the “poor class”. The world would start over new, one class left with all the space they never had and new opportunities.

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