Now he had to act. This was not a managing cell; this was a business office where everything was allowed or maybe a simple board game to the members of the council. Few humans playing the fate of the world, the losses didn’t matter to them. The bigger picture was the point.

He could not let it happen. This master plan had to be crushed. Fast.

“I can’t believe this all depends on me now” he whispered… How could other beings, made like him, raised on the same planet, so easily make everything so expandable?

What would it be like down there amongst the people if, just like the biblical plagues, threats from all sides and nature were to rock the planet?

How could human life mean nothing to the Council? They were humans themselves… or were they?

Now that he thought of it he only had heard their voices over the phone but had never seen them in the flesh. The member he interacted with the most was going by Zor.

In his imagination Mark had represented Zor in so many ways over the years but the form that stick was not far from Merlin the enchanter. Old, wise, quiet. Most of the time Zor’s interventions were on point and full of teachings but Mark had seen another side to the man, the ability to sacrifice whatever it was to get to his point.

The situation around the world was hard enough already. Shortages had been common occurrence, queues for virtually everything from milk to gas, compassion and solidarity were values of the past.

The politicians realized everything they had been doing for years and years could merely change things, they had long stopped trying to explain it. The poor men were either too egotistical or too stupid to figure out someone else had been in charge from day 1 so the “game” became increasingly hard, later overwhelming.

In order to begin regulating the world’s population, the Council had taken a number of decisions such as injecting less amount of money into the world banking system, staging nuclear plants “accidents”, fueling religious tensions by financing terrorist groups from all confessions, rigging the results of few elections around the world helping far right parties raise through the ballots. The goal was to create a hostile environment, aggravated by a tense economic reality. There was no longer a class based society. 2 groups populated the planet now, the rich and the poor. There was no good or bad, just success and failure. Every single thing had a price in the streets and in the huge offices. Kidneys, murder, life insurance, water, everything has a price. The Council had earth in a stranglehold.

“Now THIS!!!”

How could the wise men of this organization do so much harm? As if all sense of humanity had left their soul? What was motivating such animosity? What about the families of these men?  Friends? Clearly they couldn’t be the social type, a life filled with such secrets had to be guarded and protected. He had only had been here half of his life and the weight of all the files he had encountered were heavy on his shoulders. So heavy that today he was considering altering “the plan”.

This would make him a marked man and from what he knew about the Council they would have no problem finding and terminating him for the treason. Helping the world had a price as well, life.



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