This time would be no different, right?

“It is this time” he whispered to himself in a deep breath.

His glasses were sliding down his slightly crooked nose; stress had always made him sweat, even when to the best of his abilities he managed to stay in control. This time he was terrified. What he had in hand was on another level of viciousness.  The strategy the reports had suggested would be the end of humanity has we know it.

The situation between the humans and their governments became unbearable. Riots, organized attacks, repressions and insecurity lead to strong tensions, the former not feeling protected by the later. The whole thing was a chess game between old friends, only the pieces involved had no idea. To them, other reasons were fabricated.

The “Council” mastered the butterfly effect. To actually obtain what they desired and run humanity as they wished, the “modus operandi” was to design a master plan that would touch all aspects of the society in order to keep them on the edge.

 A few years back, he had seen the beginning of it all. The council had decided that the planet was reaching its population limits. This situation was alarming. Economically the system was failing and on a human point of view, the fall of the economy fueled greed, selfishness and lack of compassion.

The climate. That was the first step. Set up the most explosive atmosphere to maximize the chances of explosions.

Mark would have liked to know the process from the get-go. If he had known what was in store he would have acted right away.

But even his high profile and security clearance left him spectator, just like the billions living everyday outside the bunker his office was in. He looked back at the time he still had beliefs in governments and the right order of things in the natural universe.

There were no longer any such things… Just controlled factors. Tools for what they called the “greater Good”.

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