Against ALL odds

Sitting at his desk, the gray haired man was facing a thick file. These were the moments he remembered how doubtful he had first been when it came to taking THE job… He could have retired or moved somewhere in the country and occupy a simple clerk position. Instead he chose to serve his country. 10 years occupying this highly stressful position; working tiring hours. He had lost the support of his family little by little. Try explaining to your wife and kids that you could never share the details of a job that keep you away from home for so long. Laur had been supportive at first, trusting her husband, before the loneliness took over. Curiosity then followed and all these questions left with no answers soon became the main ground of the couple’s demise. She had been kind enough to understand his predicament but was naturally unwilling to be involved any longer in a situation that presented no positive aspects for her. They had married young. The “kids”, Harold and Zoe, soon came into their lives. Now that they were both out to college, the housewife had been looking forward to live happy days with her husband. Instead she shopped to forget her loneliness and she was running out of objects to buy. See, money wasn’t an issue since her husband job came with endless resources. But what can money actually buy besides things that don’t share emotions life has to offer and the wrinkles time had in store for her? She wanted to live and see everything she could have the chance to encounter. Mark knew that. He knew it too well; warnings and ultimatums had been fired. The choice had been made for some time now. Because of all the love he had for her and his children, he decided to let her go. Not because he didn’t feel capable of offering everything she needed out of him, but because his job was the only way for him to protect his loved ones.

This file wide open in front of his eyes for example. Highly classified and secret had been stamped on it, as if some men had the right to know some things and the others no. The whole system felt itchy to him. He wasn’t a man that adopted these ideas, far from it. In fact he had told himself that getting close to what he felt was wrong was the only way to change it. He had to destroy the monster from the inside.

The concept that a handful of people could influence each and every life on the planet was not an option in his views of the world. So he got inside the machine, an army of one… And what an army! Mark had never been on the field of any operations, barely passed the physical segments of his entry test and to top all that, it wasn’t like he could see very far through his thick glasses. He was more a Clark Kent than Superman…

He had the power for the task he set himself for though. For a while he had been studying and transferring each file that had come through his desk. The “war” files, the “elections” files and all those concerning mass murders, “natural” disasters, uprisings and outbursts of fatal diseases…

And every time he had the chance to change the outcomes he had. Illegally, but he had.

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